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Protect Your Carrollton, TX Home By Installing New Siding, Soffits & Fascia

New siding and trim is an easy way for you to quickly and cost-effectively improve your property appeal and value.

Does your home need siding replacement or repair? The right improvement at the right price increases curb appeal and property value. Our 17 years of remodeling experience has given us key insights necessary to make value-based recommendations. Combined with our systematic approach to assessment and installation, we’re able to yield greater results with less stress and uncertainty.

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We handle every aspect of restoring your siding, soffits & fascia!

Have You Experienced a Hail Storm?

Hail damage isn’t visible from the ground and may not immediately cause leaks, but it does decrease the life of your roof and void the warranty. Find out why hiring a roofing contractor can prevent costly roof repairs.

Quality Vinyl Siding Materials

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We Install the Most Popular and Cost-Effective Siding Solutions for Carrollton, TX Homes

Vinyl Siding

Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with the color infused into the plastic, vinyl siding provides an appealing look at an inexpensive cost. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice when it comes to home siding materials. Why? Because vinyl siding is cost-effective, durable, and gives the home the appearance of quality wood at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl siding comes in all shades and colors you could think of to give your home the look you desire. We only use the highest-quality vinyl in the industry so you can rest assured it will not peel, rot, or crack and will stand the test of time.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Just like vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding gives your home the same quality look at an affordable price. Insulated vinyl siding, however, can also reduce your energy bills by more than 20%. Whether you want to keep cool air in for the summer, or warm air in for the winter, insulated vinyl siding is the choice for you.

The benefits of vinyl siding include:

Wood Siding

Although vinyl siding is a great alternative for wood siding, nothing can give your home the classic and quality appearance of real wood siding.  Wood siding is engineered to last and withstand cracking, rotting, and peeling. They offer a wide variety of wood siding available including designer shake, old mill shingle siding, cedar shake, pine, spruce and much more!

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a building material that is made of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. James Hardi cement boards are also imprinted with the natural look of wood. Like vinyl siding, fiber cement siding is also an extremely durable home siding material. It is available in dozens of shades and colors to give your home the appearance you desire. It is manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions. Best of all, it gives your home the authentic look of natural wood siding with added durability.

Benefits of fiber cement siding include:

Louisiana Pacific Siding

Louisiana Pacific (LP) SmartSide Trim and Siding products offer the beauty of traditional wood, but their advanced technology creates products that are more durable and consistent than traditional wood materials. The wood obtained by LP is under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. Their process is to use the entire log, either in the product or for fuel.

Benefits of Louisiana Pacific siding include:


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Soffit Installation

Designed to provide attic ventilation and water shedding from exterior walls. Technically, a soffit is the underside of any element of a building. The most common soffit is found in the area under the eaves on the exterior of the house. The soffit extends from the side of the house to the edge of the eave and closes the space beneath the eave.

The soffit is more vulnerable to weather damage than any other part of the house. Wet material rots and a soffit can be repeatedly soaked by water from torn shingles, damaged or rusted flashing, ice dams, or poorly functioning gutters.

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Squirrels and birds can also damage a soffit since they like to nest in the space behind soffits if they can find a point of entry. Bees, hornets, and wasps do not actually damage a soffit, but when they build a nest behind a soffit, they present a problem for the homeowners.

We offer a wide variety of soffits and solutions for your home:

Fascia Installation

Fascia is used in conjunction with soffits for added aesthetics and is also needed for the installation of gutters. Fascia is the band running horizontally and situated vertically under a roof edge. It is mounted on the exposed ends of rafters or the top of exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside. In addition to serving an aesthetic function by creating a smooth, even appearance on the edge of the roof, fascia board also protects the roof and the interior of the house from weather damage. Not all styles of home design feature fascia boards.

In cases where the edge of the roof is flush with the edge of the walls, the fascia board may include soffits for venting, while in other instances, soffits may be hidden under the eave, invisible behind the fascia board. The fascia board also provides a point of attachment for the gutters of the house, along with the drain pipes, facilitating drainage from the roof and ensuring that water does not pool around the house during the rainy season. Fascia comes in a wide variety of materials to match your homes exciting template.

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I had my siding, soffits, and trim on my house all replaced with new hardie board siding. Miguel was the project manager overseeing this job and he was awesome! He made sure he was on the job site multiple times a day and he kept the job on track. His crew was great as well and they did a beautiful job.


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