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Residential Roofing

Your roof should protect your home or business from the elements, increase curb appeal, save you money on insurance premiums and reduce claims. We can help you accomplish all of these goals! 

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Commercial Roofing

If you have a commercial building, the team at Moore Construction Co. can handle all of your roofing needs. We’ve worked on strip malls, churches, government buildings… you name it! 

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Roof Installation

While it may seem like a good idea to keep making repairs on your roof, in the long run and based off of statistics this will cost more money than if you choose new rooofing installation. 

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Roof Replacement
and Repair

If you’re tired of spending time on maintaining it, or just want to improve how your house looks from outside – a roof replacement and repair will be perfect. Message us for consultation.

Siding Installation

House Siding

Does your home need siding replacement or repair? The right improvement at the right price increases curb appeal and property value. Our 17 years of remodeling experience has given us key insights necessary to make value-based recommendations.

Siding Installation in Dallas,TX

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes in all shades and colors you could think of to give your home the look you desire. We only use the highest-quality vinyl in the industry so you can rest assured it will not peel, rot, or crack and will stand the test of time.

Siding Installation

Siding Installation

When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add character onto your property, there is no better choice than siding installation. With so many colors and finishes available to choose from, we’ve got something perfect no matter who’s asking!

Siding Installation

Siding Replacement

Warped or missing siding is a clear sign that you may need to replace it soon. You can also check for cracks in the paint on your home’s exterior, which might indicate water damage hence, more work to do!

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Fencing Installation

Residential fencing can add much more than value to a home, it can add the type of practical appeal that offers a real advantage in a tight market.

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When it comes to concrete, you want a contractor that delivers excellence. We can do jobs from stamped concrete patios to driveways, sidewalks and more. Our expert team is perfect for your project.

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Patio Covers

Patio covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors on even the hottest summer days. It provides protection from the elements and even protects your plants from exposure to frost.


Windows Installation

With our team of experts you’ll have new windows in no time. We are qualified builders and carpenters who will install them with great care to make sure they fit your needs perfectly!


Window Replacement

Aluminium windows provide the perfect alternative to timber and uPVC on account of their strength, durability high fire rating. Also, they are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly! Call us today for a quote.

gutter isntallation

Gutter Installation

Installing new gutters on your home will improve its curb appeal and protect you from water damage. All of our professional, licensed technicians offer expert advice about gutter systems that can handle any type or size project!


Gutter Repair

The gutter is the lifeline of your home, so it needs to be repaired or replaced when necessary. A partial replacement will help you get some more life out of yours. Message us when you need a gutter repair.


I would recommend Moore Construction Co. for replacing my damaged roof. They laid out what they were going to do and how, and how much time it would take, and has done everything they said they would.


‒ Doris Bricker