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Metal Work

Metal Roofing Services

Let Us Build You Custom Metal Gutters, Carport or Copper Awnings for Your Carrollton, TX Home or Business

Copper, steel, and aluminum are sought after building materials due to their durability and aesthetics.

Whatever type of metal you choose, our team of craftsmen can design and construct property accents that improve aesthetics and protect your property from the turbulent storm season.

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Our Custom Metal Work Services Include:


Gutters (5” & 6”)


Copper Awnings


Metal Carports

steel patio cover

Steel Patio Covers



chimney cap

Chimney Caps

aluminum carport

Aluminum Carports

rv cover

RV Covers


Damaged or Ineffective Rain Gutters are the Cause of 90% of All Rainwater Damage in Homes.

Failing to remedy the problems can cause:

The benefits of getting new gutters or repairing an existing gutter system would be protecting your home from rainwater damage and preventing the costly repairs associated with uncontrolled rainwater.

Have You Experienced a Hail Storm?

Hail damage isn’t visible from the ground and may not immediately cause leaks, but it does decrease the life of your roof and void the warranty. Find out why hiring a roofing contractor can prevent costly roof repairs.

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Custom-made metal works

Metal Work is Custom Fabricated On Site to Fit the Unique Design of Your Carrollton Home

Our seamless aluminum Traditional K-Style Gutter System will protect your home for many years to come from the torrential downpours so common to the Dallas and Carrollton areas.

By installing a seamless aluminum gutter system, meaning one continuous piece of gutter on straight sections, instead of sectional gutters, you greatly reduce the risk of your gutters leaking and weakening. Seamless aluminum gutters provide more durability and can often last as long as the home! They will not succumb to rust, either, the way steel gutters will.

Our seamless gutter system comes in two different sizes, 5″ & 6″ , as well as a variety of pre-painted colors to perfectly match your home’s exterior.  We also offer a variety of gutter screen options to help protect your gutter system from falling leaves and debris.

Protect Your Vehicles with Custom Metal Carports

The amazing team at Moore Construction, Co. is experienced in designing steel and aluminum carports to meet your specifications and needs. Steel products have become very popular in the building industry. Steel products are manufactured to reduce the erosion of metal used in the Dallas area. They are strong and durable. One of the main advantages of using steel is the cost. Because of its strength, durability, and affordability, you can get the covering of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of lumber.

Our steel coverings will also retain its look with little-to-no maintenance for years to come. Our steel carports are a popular choice for protection of automobiles, boats, campers, motorhomes, RVs or other vehicles. They are very popular with our farmers and ranchers to give shade and protection for animals, to cover outside feeding areas, or to provide cover for farm equipment. It is also a cost-effective alternative to garages, while still protecting vehicles from the Texas hail storms and hot Dallas summers.

Because we custom-build our metal carports, they can have a flat roof with a slight drop or gabled to match the roofline of your home. They can be attached to the fascia of your roof or be free-standing (stand alone). The post can be put in the ground in concrete or be attached to the existing slab. Whatever your desired look may be, Moore Construction, Co. is the right choice for all your covering needs.

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Miguel helped me keep on budget, which was very important. The guys came, did a great job and cleaned up like they weren't even there. I have some other projects that I will definitely be using them for.


‒ Tamika T.