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Why Dallas Is the Best Place for Sports Lovers

American Airlines Center

If you’re a sports lover, there’s no better place to be than Dallas. The city is home to eight professional sports teams, as well as some of the best collegiate sports programs in the country. From major league baseball and football to exciting college basketball and hockey matchups, there’s always something intriguing to see in Dallas. So if you’re looking for a city that will keep you entertained from dawn till dusk, look no further than Dallas.


Dallas and Sports

Dallas is home to seven professional sports teams. These include the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Dallas Stars, plus three soccer teams and one hockey team. There are also several colleges in Dallas-Fort Worth that are represented by their own sports teams. Then there are a number of other big sporting events that take place in Dallas, like the Mexico National Team or major college football games like the Cotton Bowl.


All of these teams and games mean that there’s always an exciting event taking place in Dallas. And with the city being so close to other major cities like San Antonio and Houston, it’s easy to find a game you want to see. That means fans can always go out and catch a game anywhere at almost any time.


The area is even home to several professional sports arenas and fields. These ensure that fans can catch games anywhere at almost any time and keep up with their teams. The Cowboys’ AT&T stadium is just one example of the incredible stadiums in Dallas, which are typically filled with some of the most loyal fans around. And this is why you should consider moving to Dallas if you love sports!

Dallas Cowboys


Sports Venues to Visit in Dallas

For Football Fans

If you’re looking for a place to catch a football game or other event, you may want to consider making the trip to AT&T Stadium to see the Dallas Cowboys play in their AT&T Stadium. The stadium’s proximity to Dallas makes it the ideal place for fans who live in the DFW area and are looking for an opportunity to see the Cowboys play, but who don’t want to make the drive all the way back home after the game. 


It’s also close enough to Austin that fans from that area can easily visit as well. Fans of other teams are welcome too — the stadium’s location on the outskirts of Arlington and its enormous size means that no matter what your team, there’s going to be plenty of space for you at every game here.

ATT Stadium


For Baseball Fans

Visiting the Rangers’ new stadium is a must for any baseball fan, but Globe Life Field has a lot more to offer than just baseball. The new Arlington location will feature shopping and dining options, as well as an outdoor concert venue. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a trip.


Located 30 minutes from downtown Dallas, Globe Life Field is easily accessible by car or public transportation The venue will have a retractable roof to protect fans from the heat during hot summer games The ballpark’s location, at Texas Live! will be part of an entertainment district with a hotel, recreational facilities such as paddleboard rentals and batting cages, and plenty of dining options including Guy Fieri’s Taco Joint, Torchy’s Tacos, and Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. The stadium will also offer plenty of unique seating options including luxury suites and outfield berm seating. 


So whether you live in Texas or are just visiting for business or pleasure, make sure you visit Globe Life Field and support your beloved Rangers!

Globe Life Field


For Basketball Fans

The American Airlines Center is a multi-purpose civic arena in Dallas, Texas that was built to house the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Victory, a sixty-acre development adjacent to downtown Dallas, was converted from a railroad yard to a pedestrian-oriented mixed-use community. The 850,000-square-foot facility, which opened in August 2001, can accommodate over 20,000 patrons and hosts over 260 events per year. However, the Mavericks aren’t going too hot right now! If you’d like to another basketball game from Dallas, then check out their WNBA counterpart, the Dallas Wings!


The Dallas Wings, who have competed in the WNBA since 2016, play their home games at College Park Center. While they have yet to win a championship, they have made the playoffs every year in their short history as a team. They were also previously based in Detroit, where they won three WNBA titles and four conference titles. While they are still relatively new to Dallas, this team has a long history of success.

American Airlines Center Dallas Mavs


For Soccer Fans

Whether you’re a die-hard FC Dallas fan, a fan of a rival club, or a newcomer to the sport, Toyota Stadium in Frisco is one of the best places to see a game. Toyota Stadium, located about a half-hour north of Dallas in Frisco, is more than just the home of FC Dallas, the local soccer club. It also serves as the home of the National Soccer Hall of Fame.


For those who have never been to an MLS game or have only seen it on TV, attending an FC Dallas match may appear to be an unusual choice for a tourist. But once you’re there and see the passion on display from young and old fans alike, you’ll realize there’s no other place in Dallas where you can experience such high energy for 90 minutes and meet so many people who are as passionate about their team as you are about yours.

Toyota Stadium


For Racing Fans

The speedway is 40 minutes away from downtown Dallas, so it’s a convenient place to visit when you’re staying in the city. There’s something special about watching a race at the track as opposed to watching it on TV. Whether that’s the roar of the engines or the unique atmosphere, it feels like an experience you won’t be able to recreate any other way. So if you want to see a race but don’t want to make the trip all the way out to another part of Texas (or even another state), this is a great option for you!

Texas Motor Speedway


Sports Bars For Sport Enthusiasts

Nothing beats a cold one after a long game, and Dallas has plenty of them! Time Out Tavern Sports Bar is a rowdier or more lively place to watch the day’s games. Just don’t wear an Eagles jersey here. Frankie’s Downtown is exactly what you think of when you think of a sports bar, from the masculine vibes to the fried food and beer/well selection, and to all the TVs! Hero has literally been every girl’s hero by redefining the classic sports bar into something beautiful and clean, with healthy fare and craft cocktails! 


Stans Blue Note is a classic Dallas sports bar, and while it used to be a dive, it has recently undergone a makeover, solidifying itself as a great place to watch any college or professional sports game. Christie’s Sports Bar is now one of the oldest Uptown bars and a must-visit for any true sports fan. Why? Because they have 60 TVs all around you so you can watch a variety of games from every angle, and they also have great divey drink specials. Aside from these establishments, there are numerous sports bars in Dallas that will make you feel right at home!

Christies Sports Bar's Sports Bar



Dallas may be the perfect city for you if you’re a sports lover. With world-class venues and plenty of bars that show all the big games, you’ll never have to miss your favorite sport again. And if you’re thinking about moving to Dallas, Moore Construction Co. can help with all your roof construction needs!

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