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Safest Neighborhoods to live in Dallas Texas

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Are you looking for a safe place to live in? You’re in luck! We have compiled a list of the safest neighborhoods to live in Dallas Texas. Whether you are a student, couple, or family, we have the perfect neighborhood for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list and find the safest place to call home!

The Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Dallas Texas in 2022

For young people just starting out in their careers, Dallas is an ideal place to settle down and call home. In Dallas, some of the most secure areas to call home are established communities such as Highland Park and the City Center District.

Dallas has seen an influx of tourists in recent years. According to U.S. News, it’s one of the fastest-growing and finest places to live in the country. The Dallas area boasts a mix of Texas pride and elegant appeal.

Highland Park

This town of 9,000 is one of the greatest and richest in Texas. It’s fantastic for kids and retirees. This rich town is conservative but welcoming to newcomers—you’ll notice when you unpack and finish moving tasks.

Highland Park Dallas Texas
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University Park

University Park, another wealthy enclave, was named after Southern Methodist University. This is a highly educated place. About 25,000 liberals live there.

Young professionals like its business possibilities and nightlife. Here you’ll find Dallas’ top restaurants and bars. There are many pet-friendly parks. Everything is walkable, and downtown is 15 minutes away.

University Park Dallas Texas
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Farmers Market District

This area, the Farmers Market, is downtown’s heart and soul. The 1,700 residents can reach anywhere quickly due to the town’s location. Even said, moving here has so many perks that you may never leave.

The tight-knit community is good for young individuals who enjoy major cities. If you’re a young professional seeking for a new opportunity, here is the place to be, so pack your living room books and move to your dream home.

Farmers Market District Dallas Texas
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Main Street District

Main Street is another wonderful downtown street, like Elm and Commerce. Even though it’s largely for businesses, less than a thousand people live there. Maybe you’ll be one of them soon. It has some of the city’s earliest buildings, pedestrian areas, and luxury hotels.

If you get the chance to move here, you’ll be delighted to hear that it’s a great area for shopaholics and has plenty of entertainment options. Beautiful architecture and antique structures make life here enjoyable.

Main Street District Dallas Texas
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West End Historic District

Tourists love this historic downtown area. Why? Dealey Plaza is here, right? After the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, this site acquired national attention. JFK wasn’t safe there, but it’s now one of the safest places in the city.

Main Street and the West End Historic Districts both have historical value, magnificent architecture, and fantastic restaurants and nightlife. West End has 900 people. Quick access to public transit and a low cost of living is ideal for residents.

West End Historic District Texas
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Affordable neighborhoods in Dallas

Deep Ellum

Home Prices: The median purchase price is $183,362 and the median monthly rent is $819. Greater than or equal to the safety of 56% of Dallas neighborhoods regarding the crime rate. Singles and young professionals will find this venue to their liking.

Lake Highlands

Home Prices: The median purchase price is $69,620, and the median rent is $811 per month. Safer than 38% of Dallas areas when it comes to the overall crime rate. Ideal For: College Students, Young Professionals, Families, Retirees, and Singles in General. 

Oak Lawn

Home Prices: A typical purchase price of $233,466 and a median rent of $1,277 per month. Compared to 41 percent of Dallas neighborhoods, this area has a lower crime rate. Singles and young professionals will find this venue to their liking.

Winnetka Heights

The median price of a home is $88,861, while the median rent is $766 per month. The overall crime rate is lower than that of 62 percent of Dallas’s communities. It is ideal for young and old, families and retirees. 

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