Moore Construction Co.’s deck building project in Dallas offers homeowners an attractive focal point for their backyard space. We specialize in professional installation of a variety of deck designs and materials that can give your outdoor area a practical, yet elegant upgrade. From multi-level decks to simple wood patios, Moore Construction has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

To ensure the highest quality finished product, the team at Moore Construction Co.will first help you determine the exact design you want for your deck. After selecting the materials and other features that best suit your taste and budget, we will then work with you to understand the various parts of a deck – such as posts, joists, beams and rafters – that are necessary for proper construction. Our team also takes into consideration any special requests or customizations that you may have to make sure everything is tailored specifically to fit your style.

With years of experience under our belt, we understands all aspects of creating durable and aesthetically pleasing decks. We use only the finest materials available and employ top-of-the-line tools to ensure accuracy in building and installing each individual part. We also provide on-site inspections during installation so that every element is checked for structural integrity before being deemed complete. Once complete, you can be sure that your new outdoor space will not only look great but also last for many years to come!

6 Deck Material Options

When it comes to outdoor living, a deck can be the perfect way to extend your living space while increasing your home's value. Investing in a beautifully crafted and well-maintained deck is no small decision, making it important for homeowners to find the right material that fits both their budget and style. Your choices are nearly endless - ranging from wooden options like cedar, pine and other pressure treated woods as well as composite materials such as vinyl or PVC, aluminum, concrete and even brick. Before you get overwhelmed with all of the possibilities available however, take some time to learn about each one so that you can make an educated decision on which type of material will best suit your needs. Read ahead for information on 6 different types of materials commonly used today!

1. Pressure-Treated Wood for Decks

Constructed from durable fir and fortified with anti-rot and insecticide agents, pressure-treated decking is an economical favorite. In 2004, the anti-rot treatment shifted away from arsenic to more ecofriendly options such as copper– which can only be hazardous if set ablaze. Pressure-treated lumber has a natural tan or brown coloring that can easily become brighter when stained. This woody material will remain in its prime condition for many years but should be reworked every two years or so using either sealers or stainings of your preference.

2. Redwood

Once considered the ultimate choice in decking, redwood is now only accessible on the West Coast but remains an excellent material. It's lightweight and sturdy yet easy to work with and can last 15-20 years when properly cared for. When selecting high-grade lumber, look out for little cream-colored sapwood which will decay quickly once exposed to outdoor elements – instead opt for darker heartwood which is naturally rot resistant. With regular maintenance, you'll get maximum value from your investment in redwood!

3. Cedar Decking

Real wood is incomparable in its inherent beauty, and it’s also wallet-friendly as well as straightforward to build with—ideal for anyone aiming to take on a DIY project. Be sure to purchase heartwood of darker hues; anything else will inevitably succumb to rot over time. Opting for “heartwood common” instead of the more affordable “construction common” ensures that you get more durable heartwood content. Regardless of your selection, anticipate periodic refinishing along with an expected lifespan spanning 15-20 years.

4. Vinyl Decking

PVC decking is quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners, due to its low-maintenance advantages. As it contains no wood content, PVC decking can be expected to last for many years - some premium varieties even come with 25-year warranties! Plus, there are plenty of color options available; from classic whites and grays, all the way through to browns and tans.

5. Composite Decking

Composite decking is a stunning, low-maintenance material comprised of wood fiber and recycled polyethylene. It mimics the look of real wood in an array of colors and textures, allowing for creative design options like heating planks to make unique intricate patterns. Premium varieties are even accompanied by a 25-year warranty! While maintenance is minimal, it's essential that you clean with deck wash every three to four years or risk mold growth due to its wood content.

6. Ipe

Characterized by its amazing beauty, strength and resistance against rot and decay; Ipe is a South American hardwood that has stood the test of time. However, due to its immaculate high-density composition, installation can be labor-intensive. To maintain the wood’s vivacious look for up 25 years or more - an annual sealing process needs to be administered. When acquiring this imported lumber material you must consider reputable suppliers who guarantee seeding or regenerative practices as well as being in good standing with The Forest Stewardship Council ensuring sustainable processes are utilized when harvesting these woods.

Trusted Deck Builders in Dallas

At Moore Construction Co., we are expert Dallas deck building contractors. Our experienced team of deck builders in Dallas have the knowledge and expertise to craft a stunning and dependable outdoor space for your pleasure. Whether you need an elaborate custom design or something more traditional, our crew will guarantee that your deck is attractive, efficient, and most importantly - enjoyable.

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