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Affordable & Long-Lasting Concrete Sidewalk & Driveway Installation in Carrollton, TX

When it comes to concrete, you want a contractor that delivers excellence. We can do jobs from stamped concrete patios to driveways, sidewalks and more

Our expert team is dedicated to providing the best in concrete services for your home or business.

Affordable & Long-Lasting Concrete Services in Dallas

Beautiful Stamped Concrete Installation in Carrollton, TX

Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete is concrete that replicates stones such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. Ideal for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is the perfect outdoor paving choice.

Recently, stamped concrete has become a popular choice for many homeowners because it offers a wide array of options when it comes to concrete pattern and concrete colors. Another factor contributing to its popularity is its price. The cost of stamped or imprinted concrete is often considerably lower than the materials it is a substitute for.

Concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a cost-effective replica of more expensive materials, without giving up a natural, authentic look. When choosing colors and patterns for your stamped cement, make sure they blend with other stone, tile or textured concrete elements at your residence. Even in complex designs with steps and fountains, patterns can be still be pressed into the concrete. Stamped concrete can also be used in conjunction with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate or acid staining. Popular patterns include running bond brick, hexagonal tile, worn rock or stone.

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stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete

concrete pads

Concrete Pads

retaining wall block installation

Retaining Wall Blocks

parking lot

Concrete Parking Lots

Quality sidewalks service installation


stained concrete repair

Stained Concrete

exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregated

concrete wall

Concrete Retaining Walls

concrete overlay

Concrete Overlays

stamped concrete

Concrete Services in TX

Durable Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Carrollton, TX

Retaining walls provide lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. They retain soil which would otherwise collapse into a more natural shape. The retained soil is sometimes referred to as backfill.

Retaining walls can be constructed of many different materials and with a variety of building techniques. You can use poured concrete walls as the structural material, but steel, timber, and reinforced soil are often used too.

Concrete Overlays in Carrollton, TX

Concrete overlays are applied over existing concrete pads as thin as 1/4″ or up to several inches thick. Overlays are great for adding texture or a stamp to a plan pad. They can also be used to cover existing cracks or to just level out or slope a concrete pad. You can also add color to overlays to brighten up or create a painted pattern. We recommend a 2″ overlay to ensure no future cracking especially if you are adding a stamp to the concrete.


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