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Can you Paint Vinyl Siding? Painting vs Siding Replacement

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As a homeowner, we do everything we can to maintain our homes as visually attractive as possible. Unfortunately, because of its exposure to the elements, vinyl siding will fade with time. We’re now faced with a choice: Should we replace the siding or paint it?

We’re going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of painting versus replacing siding as we go through this post. We’ll talk about the things that would cause you to choose to replace your siding instead of just painting it. 

Painting vs. Replacing the Siding: Which is Better?

Changing the color of your siding is one of the few things that can enhance the appearance of your property. However, should you replace or merely paint over it? There are advantages to both options as well as several reasons why you shouldn’t paint your siding or why you shouldn’t replace it. Painting vs. replacing can be a source of anxiety for homeowners who want to do the correct thing for their houses and pocketbooks. We’re here to help you make the best decision possible based on your specific circumstances. 

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5 Factors to Consider Before Painting or Replacing Vinyl Siding

Painting vinyl siding may appear to be a fast solution if your home is in need of an exterior makeover. 

However, painting your vinyl siding may not be the best long-term option for your home. There are five important things to think about before deciding whether or not to paint or replace existing vinyl siding:  

Vinyl Siding Warranty

Most siding contractors collaborate with siding manufacturers that provide a warranty on their material. Warranties vary, so do your homework before deciding to replace your siding rather than painting it. However, if you paint over siding, keep in mind that most manufacturers will invalidate the warranty.

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Cost of Painting vs. Replacing Vinyl Siding

In certain cases, it might be more practical to paint. If your siding is in good condition and you want a custom color that siding producers don’t offer, painting may appear to be a better option because you’ll get the color you desire while also saving money. For example, the typical cost to paint a house in the United States is around $3,700, whereas the average cost to install new vinyl siding on a 1,500 square foot home is roughly $5,500. 

Siding and Insulation

If you want to change the appearance of your home, there’s a good chance you’re not thinking about insulation. Adding insulation under new siding can really help save money on heating by keeping heat where it belongs. Insulated vinyl siding has insulating material bonded to the back that improves aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability of your property.

You won’t get a chance to add an additional layer of insulation on top when you paint old siding, so you’ll be paying your utility companies month after month. 

Siding Condition

It’s time to replace your sidings when buckles, gaps, or moisture is seeping through. You don’t want to paint siding that has rotted sections, dents, or holes; it makes no sense to invest money in something that is already failing. 

Increase or preserve property value

The value of your house might be increased by two to five percent with a fresh coat of paint on your siding. If you replace your siding to try to get more money out of your home sale, you’ll most likely only recoup 80% or less of those expenditures. However, the curb appeal that captures purchasers’ attention is not considered. Would they have been as forthcoming with a bid if the old siding had remained on the property?

If you have any concerns, contact a siding contractor for an inspection. It will assist you in making a fact-based decision about the actions you may take next. 

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Vinyl Siding Instead of Painting It

You’ve most likely heard or read that painting your siding is a bad idea. The author of this material will claim that if the surface appears worn, it’s time to replace it. For people who do not lack money, this is generally the road they’ll take. However, if you have siding that needs to be replaced because it is damaged, painting it will only extend the inevitable and most likely increase the overall expense of the project. 

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If the paint on your vinyl siding is starting to peel or chip, it might be time for a replacement. Painting vinyl siding can be a temporary fix, but it’s not as durable as new siding and it will need to be done again and again. Here are some top reasons why you should replace your vinyl siding instead of painting it.

  • If painting your siding will invalidate your warranty (as many manufacturers claim), you should consider replacing it.
  • Is the paint you want to use compatible with your siding? Some types of siding will not absorb the paint properly, while others will not adhere. If you’ve chosen a color that you like and it isn’t appropriate for your type of siding, you’re out of luck.
  • In the case of personalized panels, it’s more difficult to replace damaged sections in the future because the manufacturer won’t be able to produce siding in the color you selected.
  • Paint will not endure as long as new siding, and it also does not have the same durability. Furthermore, due to weather conditions, you can only paint your outside during a specific period of time each year.
  • When you prepare the siding for paint, you’re ensuring that it’s clean of dirt and debris, so you’ll almost certainly need to use a power washer, which is known for damaging siding. You’ll also most likely develop moisture trapped beneath your siding, causing damage to the house and making a mess of your paint job.
  • Painting is more error-prone than siding replacement. While painting, you are likely to encounter “unforgiving” errors, which aren’t something you’ll face when hiring a professional siding installer.  

Choose Moore Construction for your vinyl siding replacement

Moore Construction is a siding company that works with some of the top siding manufacturers. With our years of expertise installing it, we’ve developed a reputation as a go-to contractor for replacing siding.

Many of our customers come to us because of our quick installation and low price. We also have a variety of vinyl siding colors and styles that attract homeowners. Vinyl siding is inexpensive, durable, and beautiful. But all of this isn’t worth much if it isn’t put up correctly.

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Moore Construction Co. is a reliable, timely, and affordable residential and commercial roofing company. We take pride in our work and care about what we do for your family’s home. If you’re looking for exceptional service from an honest contractor who will go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with their work then look no further than Moore Construction!

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