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How much should a roof repair cost in Austin?
The cost of replacing or repairing a roof in Austin can vary significantly depending on the damage and materials selected. At Moore Construction, our roofing replacement jobs average around $9,000-$10,000. This price will fluctuate around the previously mentioned factors. The team members of our roof replacement company are experts at storm damage repair and shingle damage repair. Whatever your needs, we are here for you. Our quality roofing company offers free roof repair estimates and will get your roof and shingles back in working order and looking great. When you call Moore for Austin roofing services, you can feel confident that you are dealing with a roof replacement company that stands above other roofing companies in Austin, TX.
How do you spot hail damage on your roof?
Unfortunately, unless there are obvious signs of storm damage, such as missing shingles, it is tough for homeowners who have experienced hail damage to know if their roof needs repair. Assessing a storm-damaged roof cannot be done from the ground and needs to be conducted by a storm damage roof repair company with an expert eye. Hail damage roof repair begins with a free inspection and estimate by a roofing contractor. Our Austin roof specialists are looking for signs of hail impacts during the storm damage inspection that has penetrated your roof’s protected layer, exposing your home to further damage. If you have recently experienced a hail storm and think you may be in need of emergency roof repair, call the roof repair contractor Austin trusts.
Will insurance pay for a new roof?
Oftentimes, yes. Claims filed for hail damage are among the most common for homeowners in Austin. As storm damage insurance contractors, we work every day with insurance agencies to make the claims process easy and stress-free for our clients and to provide top-rated roofing company services. We take every effort to remove you from the process of getting your new roof covered by your insurance, letting you sit back and relax. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate, and a residential roofing contractor will help you begin the storm damage roof repair process.
How can I find a trustworthy roofing company or roof replacement contractor in Austin?
Moore Construction is the Austin roofing company that customers turn to when they need quality roof repairs, roof installation, roof replacing, and other local roofing services. As our customer, you can trust that your home repair needs are the capable hands of a roofing professional, and our estimates are accurate and fair. When you choose our roofing company for your roofing service, you can feel comfortable knowing that our roof repair, replace, and installation services are backed by a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty. Our roofing services have been perfected to deliver the quality and protection the investment you have made in your home deserves. If your roof has recently experienced major storm damage or is in need of repairs or replacement due to age, call us today for a free estimate. We strive to put ourselves on a higher level than other residential roofing companies. Hire the residential roofer that gets the job done right every time.
How do I get an estimate from roof replacement contractors for roof repair in Austin?
Every year, our home roofing contractors see thousands of resident’s homes damaged from hail, winds, and nasty Texas weather. Often, a customer will not be aware of damage to the shingles and roof as micro punctures require a team trained in storm damage inspection to identify correctly. If repairs are not conducted, your home is at much higher risk of further damage to its roof’s shingles, flashings, and protective layer that prevents rot and peeling. As a full-service storm damage roof inspection and repair contractor, we can help guide you through the entire roof repair process, from the initial inspection to an honest estimate of the cost to material selection to a complete roof installation. Unlike other roofing companies, we take the headache out of filing your insurance claim for weather damage repair. Our years of experience allow us to communicate effectively with insurance companies and we consider it part of our job as a home roofing company to get you every dollar you deserve to install your new roof.
Should I replace my home’s roof?

Has your roof seen better days? Are you beginning to notice damage to your roof such as peeling shingles or damage to flashings or around the eaves of your house? Have areas of your roof that used to be flat now curving inward? As a home ages, its roof and the material that protects the structure of a house begin to break down. When this happens, it can create a waterfall of new issues leading to more severe damage. This destructive process can result in exposed gaps in the protective layer of your home that keeps water, rot, birds, and other animals out. If the roof on your house is more than 20 years old, it may be time to get a complete, free inspection by an experienced, professional, and honest team of roof replacement contractors. During our inspection, a roofing contractor will examine your roof, discuss whether you should repair or completely replace the shingles and protective material of your home, and provide you with an honest estimate of the work it will take to get your home in order. Our roof repair and replacement services are fast and we stand by the material quality we select, and the work we do. Our roof replacement team can install a complete roof solution in a matter of hours over the course of a weekend. Replacing the roof on a house is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of the exterior of a home. Our roof repair company will help you select the perfect shingles that match the overall style of your home and keep your house looking great for years to come. Contact us today to explore your siding options.

Austin storms are no joke. Every year we talk with hundreds of home and business owners whose roofs have been damaged or destroyed by severe winds and hail. If you have recently experienced a hail storm, you may not even be aware of the damage. Don’t wait! Contact our licensed and insured storm damage and roofing experts for a free inspection and estimate. We can help identify any issue and will work with your insurance company to protect your property from further damage.

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