Every storm season there’s an insurance carrier who’s either tightening the requirements for a total loss or under estimating the cost of replacement and repairs. Having an experienced contractor negotiate on your behalf can be the difference between hiring a lawyer or not. Our negotiators understand these practices and take a friendly and professional yet assertive approach to handling all interactions with insurance adjusters.

Our 10-point no cost, no obligation storm damage assessment takes the guesswork out of filing a claim. We won’t recommend you file a homeowners claim without first documenting all the damage present as well as any potential out of pocket costs that won’t be covered by the insurance settlement. 

Here’s what you can expect when filing an insurance claim with our assistance: 

  1. Call Moore Construction to schedule a no cost, no obligation 10-point damage assessment. We’ll provide a detailed report listing all storm related damage with pictures.
  2. Sit down with your Moore representative and review the assessment to determine if the repairs will exceed your deductible requiring an insurance claim.
  3. Call your insurance carrier with your policy number, date of loss and type of claim (wind, hail, etc.).
  4. An adjuster will contact you to schedule an assessment of the damages. Provide your Moore representative with your adjuster’s name, cell phone and date of assessment.
  5. Moore representative will meet the adjuster at your home to exchange damage notes and ensure nothing is overlooked.
  6. Adjuster will estimate damages and release the ACV check.
  7. Moore rep will estimate damage to repairs and compare to insurance settlement.
  8. You will choose your shingle colors and discuss any desired upgrades.
  9. Upon receipt of your ACV check you will either physically take the check to the mortgage company or mail it off for endorsement.
  10. Upon mortgage endorsement or if not needed you will contact your Moore rep. to schedule the project.
  11. Make home accessible for installers and be prepared for an early start.
  12. Upon completion of the project your Moore rep will perform a quality control inspection and clean up walk through with you.
  13. ACV or personal check due after walk through with homeowner.
  14. Moore rep will submit completion certificate to insurance company and they will call to confirm work has been completed.
  15. Depreciation check is mailed to you whereupon you have it endorsed if needed and final payment is made to Moore Construction Co.
  16. 5-Year No Leak Workmanship warranty is issued.

Insurance Claims FAQ

How long do I have to file a claim?

Typical policies require a claim must be filed within one year of the loss. All policies will have this information and you can also contact your agent for clarification.

How quickly must they make a determination?

Upon filing a claim your insurance has 15 calendar days to acknowledge receipt of your claim. Within 15 business days (30 days if the company reasonably suspects arson) after receipt of all requested information, the company must approve or deny your claim in writing.

How quickly must they pay the claim?

Upon approval of your claim your insurance company must pay the claim within 5 business days

Do I have to accept the loss settlement from the insurance company?

You have the right to reject any settlement amount, including any unfair valuation, offered by the insurance company. If you reject a settlement offer, your options include continuing to negotiate with the insurer or pursuing legal remedies, such as mediation, arbitration, or filing a lawsuit. You have the right to have your home repaired by the repairperson of your choice.

Can filing multiple claims be used to deny me insurance?

Your insurance company cannot use claims you filed as a basis to non-renew your policy unless:           

  • You file three or more claims in any 3-year period; and
  • Your insurer notified you in writing after the second claim that filing a third claim could result in non-renewal of your policy.


RCV / Replacement Cost Coverage

Pays to replace your home and belongings with materials of “like kind and quality” at current prices.

ACV / Actual Cash Value

Amount equal to the replacement cost minus depreciation of damaged property at the time of the loss. Ex: 20-year roof that is 10 years old will only be paid 50% of replacement cost at current prices.

Recoverable Depreciation

Amount withheld by the insurance company until after all final invoices have been sent to insurance company.


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