Roof Ventilation is Vital: Learn from a Roofing Company

For most homes, having an attic is a good thing. Not only does it supply you with additional storage space, but it increases the value of the home as well. Unfortunately, if an experienced roofing company does not properly ventilate an attic, it can lead to pretty serious problems.


Moisture is Rarely a Good Thing in Your Home

When an attic is not getting the ventilation it needs, moisture can build up in the trapped air. Humid air causes moisture to build up at the peak of the attic, which will cause serious problems if it isn't handled quickly.

Moisture can get into your attic a number of ways. All of the hot air in your house naturally flows up into your attic, and that hot air turns into condensed moisture. Many times appliances vent into the attic as well, and they can leak additional moisture. All of this moisture isn't an issue if it has somewhere to go, but if it doesn’t it builds up and you will be plagued by mold and mildew.

You Can Perform the ‘Smell Test’ before Calling a Roofing Company

Walk up into your attic and smell it. I’m sure you’re thinking this sounds rather odd, but it will let you know if you have enough ventilation. If it smells damp, like clothing that wasn't dried completely, you likely have a moisture problem.

Problems Caused by Excessive Moisture

  • Mold and mildew.
    If you see spots of mold when examining your attic you run the risks of encountering health hazards because your indoor air quality is being contaminated.
  • Warped and rotting wood.
    Interior wood is treated to deal with high levels of moisture but it will begin rotting when it is damp for a long period of time. When supporting beams rot in the attic the structural integrity of your roof can be compromised. This rotting can cause serious problems and lower the value of your home.
  • Elevated cooling bills.
    A lack of ventilation can make it difficult to keep your home cool in the summer. Heat in your house will be trapped up top and will spread back down to the cooler section of your home. All that trapped heat increases cooling bills in the summer. You will need to run the air conditioner more often and the trapped heat will make your home feel hot and unpleasant even with your air running all the time.  

Don’t Worry, A Skilled Roofing Company Can Solve the Problem

It's scary when you realize that your home has moisture issues, but you aren't completely defenseless. A professional roofing company can come into an existing home and add the necessary ventilation to take care of your moisture issues.

Most companies will install a ridge vent, as well as rafter vents to improve the airflow in your attic. Rafter vents and the ridge vent create two openings in the roof of the attic. Air flows in through the lower opening, or the rafter vents, and it flows out through the upper opening, or the ridge vent. The airflow at the top of the attic is what keeps moisture from building up. If you are concerned with your attic ventilation, or you want to verify that your roof is properly ventilated see what our roofing company can do for your home!

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