Protect Your Shingles-Tips from a Dallas Roofing Contractor

Living in Texas means mild winters and sweltering summers. The severe Texas heat can cause damage to your roof. Learn how the heat damages your roof and what you can do about it to keep your roof in good condition.


 How the Heat Damages Your Roof

Intense heat will damage both the inside and outside of your roof. Severe UV radiation from the sun wears out shingles and can cause them to heat up which speeds up decay.

Without proper attic ventilation, heat will slowly escape through the roof and cause the underlayment and the bottom of the shingles to warp. This leads to cracking, blistering, and shingle deterioration over time.

How a Roofing Contractor Solves the Problem

Reflective Shingles
An experienced roofing contractor may suggest using reflective roofing materials. Reflective shingles prevent UV radiation from damaging your roof and from heating up your home by reflecting some of the sun’s intensity away from your roof. Reflective shingles are expensive, but they result in lower cooling bills and they last longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

Ventilation Techniques
No attic should be left without adequate ventilation, even if you do spring for reflective shingles. Look for an experienced Dallas roofing contractor to install attic ventilation if your attic heats up or has moisture issues.

A good roofing contractor will install soffit vents and a ridge vent to encourage air to cycle from the bottom of your attic to the top of it passively. Soffit vents are at the lower portion of your attic, and ridge vents are put in right at the very peak.

Attic Fans
Some homeowners decide to get attic fans instead of vents to keep heat and moisture out. These fans are positioned near the top of the attic and they actively blow air out of the attic through solar power, electricity, or wind power.

Enjoy summer heat waves poolside instead of worrying about your roof. As long as you take advantage of these simple tips you can keep the heat from harming your roof.

Each roof system is unique, and some ventilation options, or roof coverings are better than others. Only an experienced roofing contractor can make the right decision for you. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with one today.