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Hi folks. It’s Joe again with Moore Construction Company, your local Dallas roofing contractor. Today I’m here to talk to you a little bit about designer roofing shingles. In the last video I made I went over your basic shingle upgrades. Which were your 25-year 3-tab shingle, your lifetime dimensional shingle and even your impact resistant shingle, which all are the most common shingles that you’ll see in your neighborhood.

Let’s say you’re in the market and you want something a little more. You want something with some more curb appeal. What you’re really looking for are designer shingles. So what I’ve done is I’ve basically picked out my top three favorite designer shingles and just wanted to go over them with you today and show you what’s available out there on the market.

Here at Moore Construction Company we are certified with GAF products, so what I’ll be choosing from will be GAF’s product line. The first shingle I have for you today would be the Slateline. Slateline is probably one of the most common designer shingles you might see. It’s basically designed to mimic the look of slate. It’s got some really bold shadow lines to give it that turn of the century look.

It’s a great product if you have a historical home, a Victorian home or even a cottage style home. This shingle will really make your house pop.  It does come with 130 mph wind guarantee and also comes with the stain guard which protects you from mold that might grow on the shingles. You might have seen this one but if you haven’t, it looks great when it comes out on the roof. That was my first one.

My second pick of the designer shingles would be your Woodland series. This is the Woodland series by GAF. It’s a lifetime designer shingle as well. It’s basically designed to look like wood shake. It’s basically got the hand cut European style look at a fraction of the cost of getting a wood shake shingle. It’s got some really deep, deep shadow lines under here. It’s a really, really heavy shingle. If you are interested in every getting a wood shake, cedar shake shingle you’ll know that it’s so very expensive to get that. To go with something like this you’re basically getting the look at a fraction of the cost.

This one also has 130 mph wind guarantee with stain guard. It also comes with GAF’s advance protection technology, which is basically a high performance shingle, which minimizes the use of materials and gives you a high protection rate as far as for wind and everything else. That’s the Woodland series.

My last pick of the day is something you’ve probably never seen or never heard of. It’s pretty fairly new on the market, maybe a year or two old. I’ve only seen one or two of these actually up on a roof. Basically is the Monaco lifetime designer shingle from GAF. It is designed to look like clay or concrete tile that you would see in Europe, Florida, or California. Anyplace that has those really heavy clay tile shingles. It gives it a lot of dimension and is basically designed to give you and S-shaped curve look when realistically it’s just a flat composition shingle.

It’s a fantastic shingle when you see it up there. It combines beauty and the sophistication of tile without actually having to deal and pay with the actual tile roof itself.

These are my top three favorite picks for the designer shingle series. If you’re in the market for a new roof ask your contractor for designer shingles. If you’d like free estimate from us, visit us at Fill out the free web form and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free estimate on whatever shingle you would prefer. Thanks folks for your time and have a great day.