How to Choose the Right Dallas Roofing Company

 When trying to find the right Dallas roofing company to work on your home, it's important to compare several providers to find the best overall value for your money. The key is to understand that price doesn’t equate to value. Make sure to ask each of the companies for an estimate, but don’t forget to ask them questions beyond their price tag.



Price Isn't Everything

When comparing estimates from Dallas roofing contractors, keep in mind that the price you are being charged isn't the whole story. Different contractors will use different materials and each will perform the job in a slightly unique way.

You need to compare what services you are receiving, what materials are being used, the reputation of the company, and the measurements being used to figure out which company is right for you.

Take a Good Look at the Products Being Offered

When you ask for an estimate, also ask for a product list showing the materials that will be used on your roof. When you know what materials are going to be used, you will have a lot more knowledge to determine whether one company is simply offering cheaper materials. Cheaper materials may save you money in the short term, but your roof will not be as durable long-term. Make sure you work with a company that uses high-quality materials on your roof (we'll be posting an article soon that will give details on evaluating materials and brands and we'll link to it from here).  

Installation Warranty Offered by Your Dallas Roofing Company

It's important to have a long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles for your roof, but it's even better when the company who installs them offers a warranty on the installation.

Find out what’s covered under their installation warranty and their terms and conditions. A good indicator of an experienced Dallas roofing company is when they stand behind their installations. Labor can be costly so it’s wise to do your homework in this area. Make sure you know whether they cover all the costs of repairs or even in certain situations, the cost of installing a new roof. Also ask them how long the warranty protects your roof in the unlikely event you need to make a warrant claim.

Are they Experienced Professionals?

Only a company with several years of experience is going to be able to install your roof properly so that you get the full life expectancy from the materials. Find out how long the company has been around, and try to learn about different projects the Dallas roofing contractor has worked on in the past.

It never hurts to ask for references that you can contact. A couple solid roof repair testimonials can go a long way in building trust and confidence!

How Long Will the Installation Take?

You may find a company that offers you a great service, but they just can't finish your roof within your deadline. Some companies are too small, or they don't get things done fast enough to offer efficient turnarounds.

Know when you need the project completed by and ask each company if they can meet your deadline. Make sure to include the deadline in the contract so you can always hold them accountable.

What are Their Payment Terms?

Finally you need to make sure their payment terms work for you. Some companies will want an upfront payment before starting work on your roof. Others will be happy to wait for a payment until later on in the project, or even once the project is completed.

We don't require a payment until after the job is completed, and can even offer 12 month financing through Wells Fargo for those who qualify.

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