5 Simple Steps for Hail Damage Roof Repair Claim

Dealing with insurance companies is easier said then done… Let’s face it, it can be a pain because they ask hundreds of questions and sometimes appear disinterested in resolving your problems.

If the time comes that you need to submit a hail damage insurance claim, you will want a trusted and reliable roof repair company in your corner. Most people don’t know that a roof repair specialist can help handle the entire claim for you.

These 5 steps will simplify your roof repairs:



1.    Get a Free Roof Repair Inspection

Call a local roofing company to inspect your roof as soon as you suspect you have hail damage. Don't bother calling your insurance company and dealing with them until you have verified there is actual hail damage. Many times a roof repair company will have an inspector that works in-house. Use their inspector because it will simplify the logistics when talking to your insurance provider. Checkout our free 10-point no obligation roof repair inspection today.

2.    Call Your Home Owner Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company and let them know that your house has hail damage documented by a roof repair inspector. This will not only expedite your claim, but it will also cut down on the back-and-forth questions and hassle. Defer to the roof repair company that handled the inspection to answer any questions that you aren't sure about.

3.    Hand it Over to Your Roof Repair Construction Company

Now that the claim has been filed you can hand the problem over to your roofing company with complete peace of mind. They will coordinate with your insurance company moving forward and provide a plan to fix your roof, draft a contract, and commence work once you’re comfortable moving forward.

At this point, the insurance company will send you money as promised for the damages to pay the construction company.

4.    Pay For Roof Repairs Using Insurance Money

Before you pay for your roof repairs, check with the construction company to make sure everything is covered based on the initial inspection and there’s no finishing work. If there are any finishing touches, these will take place before you pay. You should have a completely repaired roof before paying the full invoice.

When you’re satisfied, use the insurance money to pay for the costs of their labor.

5.    Make Sure The Construction Company Wraps Up The Insurance Claim

Many times a roofing company needs additional money because the invoice was for estimated expenses. The insurance company sends out what they believe covers the costs as determined by the roof inspector. This money generally covers the cost of the project, however, occasionally damages exist that were difficult to estimate before repairing the roof. Your roofing contractor is responsible for sending a final bill to your insurance company, but it doesn’t hurt to have a final follow up.

As long as you have a reliable roof repair company on your side, your hail damage insurance claim will be a breeze.

Our roof repair company works with insurance companies all the time to expedite hail damage claims. We understand a hail damage insurance claim can be a headache, if you want to simplify your next roof repair project get in touch with us. We take customer satisfaction very seriously.