When I started in the construction business I worked alongside my father, Joseph Moore Sr. Working with my father inspired me to treat customers like family members. He taught me: hard work, trust, and a superior level of customer courtesy. The trick became personalizing these values and applying them so you felt like you were joining the Moore Family.

Strong Company Culture Yields Superior Results

Trust isn’t given, it’s earned. We’ve learned from years of experience that customers appreciate being informed regarding their property’s true condition.

Our culture begins with trust and extends to you through a courtesy 10-point inspection. It takes more effort to conduct an honest and detailed assessment of your home but our extra effort helps show you we care and builds a relationship founded on trust.

“When we do our job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve made the best possible decision with the most accurate information available.”
– Joe Moore



Finding The Right Team

A family, or team, is only as strong as its weakest link. At Moore Construction Co., we started by hiring personal friends that we could trust and had a high work ethic so that your family was in good hands.

“I want people that work for us to be part of the family, if we treat our employees well, they will in turn treat our customers well.” – Joe Moore



Richard J. Ramirez

Sales, Consulting & Project Management
Cell: 972-827-7221



Lucas W. Sanders

Sales, Consulting & Project Manager
Cell: 512-825-4084



Miguel A. Herrera


Sales, Consulting & Project Manager
Cell: 469-243-6375




Josh Sanders


Sales, Consulting & Project Manager
Cell: 512-567-3570  /   214-702-6475